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The first in its class — SkinVive is a hyaluronic acid, micro-droplet injectable that improves skin quality and smoothness.

Why we love it:

  1. We give our patients the option to numb for SkinVive — it is totally up to you!
  2. The area will be cleaned and prepped before the treatment. You can expect a series of micro-injections in the treatment area.
  3. Results are seen within as little as 2 weeks. Optimal results are typically seen at 1 month after treatment.
  • Schedule your appointment 4 weeks before a special event so that the SkinVive has time to settle. 
  • No antibiotics or immunizations 2 weeks prior. 
  • Notify your provider if you have a history of cold sores. Start prophylactic treatment if necessary. 
  • If exercising the day of treatment, do it before your treatment. 
  • You cannot have irritation in the area being treated. 
  • You cannot have SkinVive if pregnant or nursing.
  • Avoid exposure to extreme heat (hot tubs, sauna, tanning beds, etc.) for 48 hours. 
  • If needed for discomfort, tylenol is preferred. 
  • No exercise for the rest of the day.  
  • Avoid the application of makeup or lip products for the rest of the day following your treatment. 
  • You can gently wash your face + apply skin care products that evening. No active ingredients 
  • Use ice for swelling. 
  • You might experience small bruising. Topical arnica may be applied.  
  • It is recommended to wait two weeks before having a facial, massage, dental work, or surgery. 
  • No immunizations for 2 weeks following treatment. 


Every 6 months, or 2x per year. 
It is a great addition to your Botox appointment!


Starting at $650 per treatment

Patient Diaries: Why Brittany Loves SkinVive

Patient Diaries: Why Brittany Loves SkinVive

What skin concerns were you hoping to treat with SkinVive?

I was hoping to treat fine lines around my mouth and large pores. I also wanted to improve my skin’s texture and achieve overall better looking skin. I had a small amount of acne scarring from when I was a teenager that I was hoping this would help. (Spoiler, it did!)

SkinVive: The First Injectable of its Kind

SkinVive: The First Injectable of its Kind

SkinVive: The First Injectable of its Kind

SkinVive is the first and only FDA approved hyaluronic acid microdroplet injectable. It launched in the United States in September of 2023, and is indicated for the cheek area. It is the perfect add-on to almost all of our treatments at Arabella!


No, we give our patients the option to numb before this procedure. Since the procedure is so fast and easy, many of our patients choose not to have numbing.

Because SkinVive is an injectable, you may experience bruising. You may be puffy around the injection sites the next day.

Full results at 1 month.

SkinVive lasts up to six months. We recommend coming every 6 months for best results.

While SkinVive is an injectable, it is not filler. SkinVive is a skin quality treatment.

No, you cannot get SkinVive when pregnant or breastfeeding.

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