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Chemical Peel

A medical-grade peel solution to a variety of skin concerns — say goodbye to pigment, texture, and pore size issues.

Why we love it:

  1. Your provider will cleanse your skin, and the prep solution will be applied.
  2. Your provider will apply the chemical peel + go over post-treatment care instructions and aftercare products if necessary.
  3. You can expect to start peeling around day 3 and can return to your normal skincare routine after day seven.
  • Come with a clean face if possible.
  • Avoid intense sun exposure prior to the appointment.
  • Discontinue Retinol and active skin care products 1-2 days prior to your treatment.
  • Avoid water in the treatment area for a minimum of six hours.
  • Avoid saunas, hot showers, and exercise for a minimum of 48 hours and/or until the skin starts to peel.
  • Do not pick or peel flaking skin. You may trim large areas if needed.
  • Follow post-care instructions provided by your provider.
  • Avoid makeup in the area for at least 24 hours.


Frequency varies depending on which peel + the patient’s goals and concerns.



Chemical Peel Diaries: What to Expect After a Chemical Peel

Chemical Peel Diaries: What to Expect After a Chemical Peel

Chemical Peel Diaries: What to Expect After a Chemical Peel

We love a good peel at Arabella! But, we also understand that some people are nervous to peel, or have trouble setting aside the time to peel…

How to Treat Hyperpigmentation

How to Treat Hyperpigmentation

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One of the most common complaints that we tend to see in our clinic, aside from aging concerns, is typically related to pigmentation. This is something that almost every person deals with in some aspect – some worse than others…


Discomfort varies depending on the peel.

You can have redness, flushing, peeling, and sun sensitivity.

Downtime varies depending on the peel.

 We have a variety of different peels that specifically treat acne, melasma, aging skin, hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, and stretch marks. We also have peels that make you glow and have no peeling or downtime. The options are endless!

It depends on the peel.

You may not get a chemical peel while pregnant or breast-feeding.

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