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Chemical Peel Diaries: What to Expect After a Chemical Peel

Aesthetician performing chemical peel | Arabella Medical Aesthetics | Knoxville, TX

We love a good peel at Arabella! But, we also understand that some people are nervous to peel, or have trouble setting aside the time to peel. We sat down with our Director of Marketing, Lauren, to chat about her experience with the VI Original Peel

Day 1: 

Day 1 is the day that the peel is applied. We did my peel at the end of the day and I went home looking slightly orange. Four hours after my peel was applied, I could wash my face and apply the post-treatment products (face wash, post-care towelette, and restorative cream). 

Day 2: 

When I woke up, my skin was very shiny & felt a little tight. I washed my face, applied the restorative cream & SPF. It is very important to wear sunscreen after a peel because the fresh baby skin is going to be exposed once you begin peeling. That evening, I washed my face, applied the post-care towelette, and finished off with the restorative cream. I had no peeling on day 2. 

Day 3: 

This was a big peeling day for me! When I woke up, I was flaking around my nose. By the time I got to the office, I was starting to peel around my mouth. Over the course of the next few hours, my lower face really started to peel and flake off. It can be so tempting to want to pick at the peeling skin. Try not to! This peeling phase only lasts a few days. 

Day 4:

I woke up on day 4 with a little bit of flaking on my cheeks. My cheeks continued to peel and flake throughout the day. Right before I went to sleep, my forehead began peeling. This was the quickest part of the peeling process for me. My whole forehead had peeled in a couple of hours. 

Day 5 + Day 6: 

I’m grouping these days together because my peeling was very similar. I woke up with flaking around my eyebrows & in my hair line. I had some flaking on my neck, as well. Day 6 was the first day I wore makeup, but you can wear makeup throughout the whole process. I just chose not to! 

Day 7: 

I was pretty much finished other than having a little bit of residual peeling in my hair line. I didn’t wear makeup on day 7 because I really didn’t feel like I needed it. My skin was literally glowing! 

To Sum it All Up — 

I loved this peel! I feel like my skin is much more even + bright. I actually didn’t mind peeling! The worst part for me was peeling around my eyebrows. I felt like the skin flaked into my eyelashes, but that lasted for less than a day. 

I loved using the restorative cream that came in the post-procedure kit. The baby skin that was exposed after I peeled was a little tender. The cream really helped with the dryness + chapped feeling. Overall, I loved this peel. I will absolutely be doing it again! 

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