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Laser Hair Removal

It's a long-term solution to hair reduction.

Why we love it:

  1. Your provider will determine whether laser hair removal is right for you during your consultation.
  2. Your Provider will begin treatment, which lasts anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes.
  3. You’ll be given post-treatment instructions & your next appointment will be scheduled.
  • Avoid intense sun exposure four weeks before treatment.
  • Avoid plucking, waxing, and tweezing four weeks before treatment.
  • Shave the day prior.
  • Hold off on retinol if the face is being treated.
  • Avoid intense sun exposure four weeks after your treatment.
  • No waxing or tweezing in between treatments.
  • No intense exercise, sauna, or hot tub use for 24 hours.
  • Avoid heavy lotions or perfumes until skin redness subsides.
  • Do not use retinol or active skin care for two days after if the face is being treated.


Every 4 to 8 weeks for six treatments.


Starting at $500

Laser Hair Removal Aftercare: Dos + Dont's

Laser Hair Removal Aftercare: Dos + Don’ts

DO shave between appointments

You are welcome to shave, as needed, in between treatments. We recommend waiting a few days after your treatment to resume shaving.

Patient Diaries: Laser Hair Removal

Patient Diaries: Laser Hair Removal

Why did you want to get laser hair removal?

I would get very bad razor burn every time I shaved. I was also sick of shaving & wanted to stop going through that viscous cycle of shaving + then having razor burn.

The Lutronic Clarity utilizes Cryogen, which helps cool the area very quickly, making this a very comfortable treatment.

The treated area may be red and have the appearance of razor burn. That will subside within a few days of treatment. 

When you buy a laser package, you are purchasing six treatments. You should only need 6 treatments, but your package includes lifetime touch ups.

This treatment is not pregnancy-safe.

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