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Get to Know Erica Hembree-Sharp, Founder + Owner of Arabella.

Erica Sharp | Founder | Arabella Medical Aesthetics | Knoxville, TX

How did you get into nursing?

I went back to nursing school later in life. I went to Walters State and got my associate’s degree there and then worked in surgery at the University of Tennessee Medical Center. Then I went back to graduate school and graduated with my FNP and then got into aesthetics from there.

Why did you start Arabella?

I wanted more autonomy. I wanted to be able to help people the way I felt was best for them and not the way someone else was telling me to do it.

What is it like working at Arabella?

Oh it is so fun! We like to think of all of ourselves as family here. We see each other outside of work. We are all very similar in the way we want to take care of patients. We have the same goals in mind and we are just very close knit. It is so fun!

What do you like to do when you are not at Arabella?

Play with my children! My daughter Mackenzie just turned three years old, and my son Bradford will be one year old in a few days. I definitely am not doing the laundry and the dishes and the cooking and cleaning that I should be doing when I am home. But if I am not here working, then I am normally hanging out with my kids!

What do you wish you had known about skin care when you were younger?

To wear my SPF! And that tanning bed accelerator as a suntan lotion is not the best thing to do.

What do you love most about Arabella?

The people that I work with + the patients that I treat! That’s two things, but it’s impossible to choose just one!

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