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Mother’s Day Favorites

Nurse Practitioners Team | Arabella Medical Aesthetics | Knoxville, TX

There are so many treatment options at Arabella, so we have rounded up some of our favorites for all you moms + mother figures!

For the mom that wants a pick-me-up: RF Microneedling

Okay we could not compile a list of our favs without including RF Microneedling! If you’re looking for lasting results, look no further…. RF Microneedling helps to tighten your skin while also treating fine lines and wrinkles, scarring/acne scarring, overall aging, and face, neck, and body rejuvenation. The Genius laser delivers customized thermal energy precisely to the dermis, creating a micro-“injury” to jump-start your own body’s natural healing process, stimulating collagen production for firm and renewed skin. The best part? We can do this treatment all over your body!

For the mom who is always taking care of others: Diamond Glow

This has always been a crowd favorite at Arabella, and for good reason! The diamond glow exfoliates, extracts, and infuses the skin with SkinMedica serum. Think: spa experience with medical grade results! There is no downtime, and you will leave Arabella with beautiful glowy skin! 72 hours of hydrating glow? We’ll take it.

For the mom who loves Cher “IF I COULD TURN BACK TIME”: Botox

We love a good ‘Botox treatment at Arabella! Whether you are a first timer or you have been getting Botox for a while, this is the perfect “treat yo self” treatment!

For the Mom on the Go: Laser Hair Removal

Sick and tired of shaving? We have got you covered! We are so proud to offer the most advanced laser for laser hair removal here at Arabella. It is quick and most patients have little to no pain!

For the mom who doesn’t know where to start: Skin Consult

We love when patients come and see us about their skin concerns! We carry several amazing skin care lines with options for every skin type + concern. Mixing medical grade skin care with medical grade treatments + procedures can truly transform your skin!

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