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Signature Facial: Why Riley Loves the Signature Facial 

Signature Facial at Arabella Medical Aesthetics in Knoxville, TX

Microneedling has become such a popular treatment in the past few years! We sat down with Nurse Practitioner, Claire Cross, to ask/answer all of your burning questions! 

It is Relaxing

The signature facial is extremely relaxing. It starts out with a steam + double cleanse. Then I’ll dermaplane your skin and apply a hydrojelly mask. While the mask is setting, I will give you a shoulder and neck massage. Last, I will apply medical grade skin care products to your face. This is the perfect facial if you have had a busy day or week, or if you just need to relax. Most patients have trouble staying awake! 

It is Customizable 

The signature facial is customizable to your skin type. Whether you have dry skin or oily skin, every step is customized just for you. We even have over 15 different kinds of hydrojelly masks to choose from! So rest assured, you will be getting a specialized treatment. 

It uses Medical Grade Products

While this is a European facial, I still use medical grade skin care products on your face. So, you are getting all of the relaxation from a standard facial, but the benefit of medical grade products! It’s truly the best of both worlds!

It’s Tried + True

The signature facial is a traditional, standard facial. It is just me + my hands working all kinds of magic on your skin. When I started esthetics school, I had never had a facial before. We began practicing on each other every other day. I became obsessed with giving + receiving a signature facial. It’s a treatment that everyone can benefit from!

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