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Skin Consultation Knoxville TN

Rejuvenate your skin with a Skin Consultation! At Arabella Medical Aesthetics, we offer a Skin Consultation tailored to your concerns and aesthetic goals. Why is this a spotlight favorite for many patients? We provide you with an in-depth comprehensive consultation, product and service recommendations, a personalized skin care plan, and more.

We’ve got you covered if you have texture, uneven skin tone, wrinkles, or volume loss. The expert solutions we offer will give you soft, youthful skin. We’ll perform a detailed analysis of your skin, examine your history, and discuss your concerns. A combined solution of medical-grade skincare and in-office treatments can enhance the luminous glow of your skin! We also provide our patients with follow-ups after their treatments to discuss their progress and improvements.

A Skin Consultation is Perfect for you if:

The skin concerns our patients have include:

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Erica will spend approximately one hour getting to know you and your personal skin care needs and goals. We aim to build memorable, long-lasting relationships with patients. This comprehensive consultation allows her to develop a custom aesthetic treatment plan to help you achieve your desired look and results. Some treatments or procedures can be performed during your initial consultation, while others require you to schedule future visits. We want you to feel comfortable and confident with the process. Erica prides herself on providing a positive, hands-on approach to her patients following treatment, so you always know what to expect. We offer optional, two-week follow-up appointments after your treatment. Though they are not required, Erica would assess your progress and ensure your satisfaction with the overall results. 


We recommend cleansing your skin on the day of your consultation. We’ll answer your questions and give you our personalized expert solutions. 

A Skin Consultation is a stand-alone service. We’ll schedule your first treatment once we determine your customized treatment. 

It depends on the treatment depth. Severe skin concerns may take longer to improve. You’ll get results if you’re dedicated to the solutions we make. 

Patients with wrinkles, rosacea, skin laxity, etc. may get a Skin Consultation to revitalize their skin’s health. Our treatment will provide you with holistic solutions and can be combined with prescription medications prescribed by a dermatologist. 

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