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Your Skin Care Horoscope

Skin Care Horoscope | Arabella Medical Aesthetics

What does your sign say about your skin? 

We’ve all been there – mindlessly scrolling through our weekly horoscope. But have you ever wondered what your astrological sign says about your skin? Find out which treatment or product we recommend for each sign below!


Aquarius, you are intellectual + innovative! Because of this, we suggest skin care products! We always have the latest + greatest skin care and we know you’ll love trying them all out!


Pisces, you are a true water sign. Any of our hydrating facials – Diamond Glow, Glo2Facial, or Signature Facial would be perfect for you! Your water loving self will be obsessed! 


Aries, you are bold, competitive, and love a trend! Because of this, we suggest the Arabella Gold Infusion! You’ll leave the office with plump, hydrated, and glowy skin. 


Taurus, you are the earthiest of all earth signs. You’re calm, grounded, and serene. That’s why our Glo2Facial would be great for you! It’s the perfect combination of relaxation and results. 


Gemini, you are busy! You have tons of passions, hobbies, and interests. Because of this, you would probably love everything we offer at Arabella, but we suggest starting with Botox! It’s our quickest treatment. You’ll be out the door and to your next appointment/meeting in no time!


Cancer, you are all about self-care! We suggest our diamond glow facial! Your water-sign-self will love all of the hydration + relaxation that this medical grade facial offers.  


Leo, you are confident and strong, so you aren’t going to mind a little peeling… because of this, we suggest a nice chemical peel for you! 


Virgo, you know what you like. You are a perfectionist + need something with instant results. That’s why we recommend filler! You’ll leave our office obsessed with the subtle changes!


Libra, you are personable, charming, and a little bit indecisive. You might have trouble deciding what treatment to have, so we suggest combining two treatments! RF Microneedling and the Ultra Laser would be a great place to start!


Scorpio, you are determined + committed. That’s why we recommend microneedling (SkinPen or RF)! Come see us for 3 sessions to maximize your results. Your commitment to your skin, will have your future self thanking you! 


Sagittarius, you are curious + desire knowledge. Because of this, we suggest coming in for a skin care consultation! We can talk about all the things — treatments + skin care! This is a personalized session, just for you. 


Capricorn, you’re practical + determined… which is why we think laser hair removal would be perfect for you! You’ll be silky smooth in just six treatments!

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