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What to Expect: Lip Filler Swelling Stages

Lip Filler in Knoxville, TX | Arabella Medical Aesthetics

Lip Filler is one of our most popular treatments at Arabella. One of our most common questions regarding lip filler is: how long will I be swollen? With any kind of filler, most swelling is going to occur around the mouth, lips, and eyes (tear trough filler). So, yes, you are likely going to have some swelling and bruising with lip filler, but it is worth it! 

Day 1: 

Your lips are going to swell immediately after getting lip filler. We send all of our patients home with an ice pack + a lip kit. The swelling might be uneven — that is okay! You may see the swelling start to go down that evening. 

Day 2: 

The most swelling is going to occur on the morning of day two. Your lips will be the fullest when you wake up that morning. As the day progresses, you will notice the swelling will start to go down. 

Day 3+: 

The swelling in your lips will continue to decrease and the bruising will improve over the next few days. You can help reduce swelling by taking antihistamines, using ice packs, and applying topical arnica. These are all things your provider will discuss with you after your treatment!

Don’t love it or hate it for two weeks — 

We always tell patients that it can take a full two weeks for you to see the final result. It is normal to have small lumps or bumps during the first two weeks. If they are still present after two weeks, your provider will give you instructions! 

Filler needs time to settle in. In the meantime, don’t love or hate your results. Embrace the swelling + bruising — it’s only temporary! And it is well worth it to achieve the lips you have always wanted!

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