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Dermal Fillers in Knoxville TN

Filler is made with ingredients like hyaluronic acid to diminish fine lines, wrinkles, smooth deep under-eye circles, lift cheekbones, volumize your lips, and fill areas with volume loss subtly. Fillers are versatile aesthetic injectables and can be used in different ways to make you look naturally refreshed, hydrated, and younger. All fillers used here at Arabella are FDA-approved. We want you to look like you! We only enhance your natural beauty.

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What to Expect at your Appointment:


Commonly treated areas are: Cheeks/midface, under eyes, lips, neck & chest, and body. If you are wondering about a specific area, book a free consult with one of our providers to find out more information!

You will see immediate results that will continue to improve.

Depending on which type of filler is used can be up to 2 years. There are also different factors that affect the longevity of the filler (i.e. how much a person works out, your natural metabolism, and hydration).

Anyone can be a candidate for filler. Come talk to our injectors to find the right treatment options for you!

Some patients may experience some bruising and/or swelling in the injected area. These symptoms are normal and can be expected to subside within a few days.

Absolutely! At Arabella, our goal is to subtly enhance the natural beauty that you already have.

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